ATI Radeon HD 5850 with a Corsair HX450w PSU

moncler sale I guess I will be able to max out almost every game on the market with this rig, which is exactly the goal. And there were two problems I thought important to share just in case someone has the same idea as me: moncler sale the HX 450 is not in the recommendations, but I guess that is because it is not currently available in North and South America as is noted on the HX 450 page. But despite this, the VX 450 and VX 550 are listed. The 550 doesn’t present any problem, but the VX 450w, despite also having a single 12v rail, the same 396w on that rail and the same 33A rating, it only has a single 6 Pin PCIe connector, instead of the HX 450’s two 6/8 Pin connectors. HD5850 is still too expensive for me right now. moncler sale

A quick follow up on the Corsair VX 450w: I just received the reply from Corsair concerning me e mail, here it is:”The VX450 does not have the cables, you’re right, but with an adapter it could easily power that solution. Your cheap moncler sale system should see a nice increase in performance during games or other 3D apps.”And he’s right, I had just forgotten about molex adaptors when I wrote the e mail. So there you have it, if you own a Corsair VX 450w with a system similar to mine, you won0’t have problem with a Radeon HD 5850. Just be sure if your GPU vendor bundles an adapter or make sure you buy one.

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cheap moncler jackets I use the kill a watt inline meter (which should be pretty cheap). The monlcer down jackets type I really would like is what I have seen at work: the ones that just clamp around the wire. Those would be convenient. cheap moncler jackets

cheap moncler Thanks! I’ll probably buy one of those kill a watt meters. I have used 3 different ones now and they are all within a very small margin of each other. cheap moncler

cheap moncler outlet Thanks for the link! As for your Seasonic PSU and the ones cheap moncler from Corsair, which I believe are all made by Seasonic, I learned that, like many of you said before, they underrate their PSU’s not just to be safe, but because that is almost a necessity to make them 80 Plus or 80 Plus Bronze or upwards certified. My Corsair 450w apparently could be rated at 550w but would lose the 80Plus certification. It would work faultlessly, just not that efficiently. That’s probably why your PSU is working just fine with those high wattages (Ouch, by the way! Those two programs at the same time really drive the system to very demanding levels) cheap moncler outlet

moncler jackets outlet I would suggest you don’t try running both Prime95 and Furmark at the same time just to be safe. Your PSU would probably moncler outlet handle it ok, but its not worth pushing it past reasonable limits on purpose: ) moncler jackets outlet

I surely won’t. HD5850 is still too expensive for me right now. That’s why they removed it from the recommendations.

moncler outlet online i would not buy the 5850 cheap moncler coats if i were you. i have a 5770. if you look on the gpu charts posted on tom’s hardware, the 5770 can hit a 17,7xx 3dmark06 score with the best components. with my system i can only manage a 14,3xx, which is a good 23% less than what the 5770 actually can do. the 5850 is even better than the 5770. unless you plan to upgrade your cpu soon as well, there is no need at all for a 5850. i think a 4850 would be more than enough. i have a thermaltake 500w and my system runs just fine with a 30% OC on the cpu. in 3dMark 06, the CPU score can make a pretty big difference in the overall score. moncler outlet online

moncler outlet uk i understand, but games need more processing power sometimes, at moncler outlet store which point your gpu isn’t going to help that much no matter how powerful it is. otherwise people would just be buying a 5890 and then look for a used p4 cpu or something. moncler outlet uk

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moncler outlet Yes, there has to be a balance but a c2d at 3.4 buy moncler jackets ghz is not something that will unbalance a system with a card like the HD5770. 3DMark is specifically designed to give a higher score with a better CPU. If you want to check for a CPU bottleneck you can try increasing resolution Moncler Outlet . If the FPS stays basically the same then there is likely a CPU bottleneck. moncler outlet

moncler factory outlet oh okay, actually i did this with bf:bc2. when i went to a 1920 resolution the framrate dropped from 1650. i am running 1920 fine now, just had to scale down the settings otherwise. so that means there is not a cpu bottleneck? i thought it did . if that’s the case i may OC my gpu. moncler factory outlet

moncler outlet sale Yeah, cheap moncler jackets a cpu bottleneck means that the card can get higher frame rates but the cpu is at its limit already. When you increase resolution it will put a good deal more strain on the GPU but not really on the CPU. Like at 1024×768 the HD5770 can deliver a huge number of frames in most games so then the CPU might be a bottleneck there. moncler outlet sale

My estimated guess is that you are right. But then again I said nothing about Hardcore gamers. I said 85%+ of gamers. The other 15% will exactly be the harcore gamers. People who buy an HD 5970, who do Crossfire or moncler outlet online SLI, and those who manage to buy a GTX480. Those are hardcore gamers. jyjjy said:

cheap moncler jackets sale Depends on your definition moncler outlet sale of „hardcore” I guess. I wouldn’t moncler sale outlet hesitate putting an HD5870 on a 450w Corsair. cheap moncler jackets sale

moncler outlet store After all the help from you guys and the reading and the Corsair official reply and PSU recommnendations, neither would I. As long as I didn’t overclock the CPU/GPU too much, or at all, the 450w will even handle a 45nm Quad Core and a 5870. moncler outlet store

moncler jacket sale I’m not sure about 85% of HARDCORE gamers using less than 450W. I would say maybe 85% of GAMERS use that, but I would say most HARDCORE GAMERS use a good bit more that 450W. Look at the system specs for most of the people on this forum that are answering questions and see how many are less than 500W : p True a lot of us have more than we really need, but I cheap moncler outlet like a bit of extra headroom for expansion and I think thats pretty common with enthusiasts: ) moncler jacket sale.

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